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Getting Started

Before we can work on an account, each client must have a signed Agency Agreement on file with our office. To become a client you can contact us using the information provided here.

All claims submitted for collection must be accompanied by documentation. Claim documentation will be reviewed before the account is accepted. If we believe any submitted charges are not allowed by contract or by applicable law, we may either revise or delete the improper charge, or refuse to accept the account for collection.

Claims for collection may be submitted by mail, fax, email or in person at our office. Larger volume clients with regular placements may arrange for us to pick up files and copy the documents we need.

Information We Will Need

A claim cover sheet may be downloaded by clicking the image to the left (or below if you are on a mobile device). We prefer to have a cover sheet with each new account; however, it is not necessary to use our form. Only fill out information on the debtors that is different from that on your attached credit application. Larger volume clients, for whom we pick up and copy documents, do not need cover sheets with their accounts.

There are certain documents that we will always want before we start collecting an account. First would be a credit application, or other document containing information that will help us identify and locate the debtor. We need all information you have about the debtor's current residence, employment and names of friends, relatives and other acquaintances.

Next, we need a clear statement of exactly how much is owed and why it is owed. In landlord/tenant cases, we just need a copy of the security deposit accounting statement that must be sent to the tenant's last known address. If, for any reason, after sending us an account, you learn that the charges need to be adjusted, please let us know as soon as possible.

We always prefer to have a copy of any contract or lease that gives rise to the claim. In many cases, we cannot accept a claim without a contract. If you have a claim but no underlying contract, you will need to contact us so we can evaluate the particular facts and determine whether we can help you.

Finally, we need copies of any correspondence from your debtor or his attorney in which they discuss the claim you are sending for collection, as well as any response you sent to them.

In addition to the documents we always need, we prefer to receive all supporting documents that help explain and prove the validity of the claim. For example, a ledger is needed to explain a claim for past due balances owing. Invoices for major repairs are also very important. If there is a large amount of supporting documents or photographs, we would like you to only send us the most important items. But please let us know if additional supporting information is available, and keep it in an accessible place at your office.

Click the image above to download the Cover Sheet.
Acknowledgement of Account

After we receive your claim documentation, we will review your claim before we accept it for collection. If we have everything we need, and the charges appear to be allowed by law and contract, we will enter the claim into our computer system. At that point an acknowledgement will be sent to you confirming that we have accepted the account for collection. It is important to check your acknowledgement to make sure we have accurately entered your claim information. We ask that you please be patient in waiting for your acknowledgement. Depending on the volume of claims we are processing, it can take several days before we are able to review you claim.