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Professional Debt Collection Services

Continental Collection Agency is Colorado's leader in landlord/tenant collections for one reason -- unmatched results. For 30 years, Continental has proven that it can obtain the best recovery rates, especially on difficult cases. Analyze the return that you are currently receiving from your collection agency, and then compare it to the rate of return we produce. The closer you look at the numbers, the better we look.

Although Continental can and does handle all types of consumer and commercial accounts, we primarily handle claims of landlords -- from the largest property management companies and apartment complexes to owners of a single rental unit. This is not a secondary line of business for us. It is our main line of business, and we try to do it better than anyone else in Colorado.

All of our collections are handled on a contingent fee basis. If nothing is collected, there is no charge. There are no upfront fees, hidden charges or long-term commitments.

At Continental, each account is handled by a team of experienced investigators, collectors, attorneys, paralegals and process servers who put in a good faith and ethical effort to pursue collection to the full extent allowed by law.

Focused On Results

Continental Collection Agency's reputation as Colorado's premier collection agency for property management companies and other landlords was not made overnight. For over 30 years, Continental has fought hard on behalf of its clients. Its collection process, operated by a highly trained and experienced staff, aggressively pursues collection to the full extent allowed by law and good ethics. But there is no need to simply listen to our hype, or any other agencies. Just take a hard look at the numbers. Our most loyal clients are the ones who are keeping closest tabs on our results.

In our business, the product is dollars. You assign accounts for collection; we give you back a portion of the dollars collected and keep a portion as our commission. The higher the amount returned to you, the better we have done. There is no easier business than a collection agency to analyze. Just look at the bottom line number -- your net return.

Too often, when choosing a collection agency people focus on the split of the collected funds between them and the agency. They look for the best deal, the agency that offers the biggest slice of the pie. But the more important question is: How big is the pie. In comparisons, actual client results routinely show that we have out-collected our competition, often by a surprisingly wide margin. Because gross amounts collected are not the same at all agencies, you need to compare not just the size of your slice but the size of the whole pie.

The key to Continental's success is that we do not focus our attention only on the accounts that are most easily collected. Any agency can collect those accounts. We put in an honest effort on all accounts, no matter how unpromising. And the accounts are not handled by someone with little experience working in a phone room with a script. Our accounts are processed on an individual basis by a team of highly experienced investigators, collectors, attorneys, paralegals and process servers. There is no script. Each collection account has its unique twists, especially in the landlord/tenant area. A staff that has handled many thousands of similar accounts can make all the difference. That is the kind of team working on our clients' accounts.

The difference in results between Continental Collection Agency and its competition can be dramatic. For a large property management company with hundreds of collection accounts per year, making a bad choice on collection services can cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't let hype, especially related to how large and sophisticated the collection service is, cause you to take your eye off the ball -- actual results.


Urban, Inc.

“Continental Collections has provided us with great service. They do not nickel and dime the client on processes associated with the collection process; we pay a flat (and reasonable) rate for their service. Our rep is always courteous and helpful. She will even come to our office to pick up the files at no additional charge.“

Crystal River Spas

"It’s been a pleasure working with Continental Collection Agency. When our in-house efforts go stagnant on past due accounts, we send them to Continental. Not matter what the size of the account, it seems they tackle each one with equal effort and almost perfect results. We are very satisfied with Continental and will continue to use them for a long time to come."

Mountain Terrace Community

“Continental Collection Agency is great. They are prompt and accurate on everything that they do. The staff is great and friendly. I recommend them to everyone.”